Welcome to Neuhengstett

Neuhengstett, which is now part of the Althengstett municipality, is a small Waldensian village located in the northern part of the Black Forest (between Althengstett and Simmozheim) and was founded in 1700 by religious refugees from Piedmont.

The Bourcet Local History Society has assigned itself the task of preserving this village’s specific heritage. Our society was founded on the occasion of the 300-Year anniversary in 2000 and during the past few years numerous projects have been initiated and set up.

These activities were only possible due to the active aid of our society members, friends, volunteers and the generous support of the municipal administration of Althengstett.

Come and visit our village and experience the Waldensian Story in a multimedia show at our museum which, in this case, is unique in Germany.

Take a stroll along the European, Huguenot and Waldensian trail which has been weaving its way through our countryside since 2012.

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